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Established in 2020 on Dubai, Gulf Water Sports is a family owned and run. We founded Gulf Water Sports so that we could offer the best quality kayaks, inflatable stand up paddle boards, surf skis and more at reasonable price.

Our team are water sports enthusiasts. We’re obsessed with finding, trying and supplying the best kayaks, paddle boards and surf skis in the market. Each product in our range has been tested in the water and approved by us.

We have direct relationships with our manufacturers which means we are able to cut out the middleman. This means we operate with minimal overhead costs - a saving we pass directly onto you, our customers. 

We’re committed to utilizing the latest technology and manufacturing techniques to provide the highest quality products at affordable prices.

Gulf Water Sports  is the Gulf's leading Canoe, Kayak and SUP Board shop, with large stock levels all year round. We sell the Gulf's most popular kayaks from the world's leading manufacturers.

Gulf Water Sports  is staffed by friendly & experienced paddlers who are on hand to offer expert unbiased advice and recommendations

Why are we making the difference ? 

  • Every single kayak undergoes an 8-point check to ensure an optimal 5mm wall thickness.

  • Every single kayak is drop tested, ensuring durability and no air bubbles.

  • Every single kayak is water balance tested.

  • Every single kayak undergoes a final visual check before being packaged.

Buy from Gulf Water Sports knowing you're purchasing from a reputable manufacturer, backed by a 2 year UAE warranty.



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